Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kiddos, a broken vacuum, and no hot water...

Life will be perfect... when pigs fly! As a rather new mom, I'm slowly learning life doesn't give the theatrical happy ending we youngsters naively expect. What do you expect with all of the glossy magazine photos of clean, happy children, and couples holding hands walking into the sunset?

Today I sit and ignore the massive pile of clothes that need to be sorted through and the girls' bedroom that needs to be cleaned. At least I made the bed. And attempted to fix a broken vacuum! (A thread of some sort shredded my belt, so I can't fix it until I go to the store.) I washed dishes in the bathroom sink due to a broken hot water pump to the kitchen, and both of the youngsters are clean and happy.

Amidst all of the chaos comes a bit that proves God has a sense of humor: my husband left his money for chewing tobacco at home. As a supervisor, he's cranky without it. Why is that so funny? Because last night I prayed God would show him he doesn't need tobacco as a crutch. <3 I love you, honey!

I'm off to pull out some playdough, put the baby in a swing, fold some clothes, and maybe clean my daughters' room. Eh, but first I'd better get my foil chicken bruschetta going. If it's good I'll post the recipe... !

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