Friday, January 15, 2010

Wish List

After spending my long, lazy hours lusting after various crafting projects on the computer, (Thank you Lord for the internet; otherwise women like me would be at a loss for creativity!) I am compiling a wish list.

1. A Sewing Machine. Because I have a million ideas flowing through my head. At this moment I have an idea for a jersey knit pillowcase based on this idea for a scarf: (makeitandloveit) Add a few buttons and it'd be durable enough for even my terrors...uh, kids; to toss around.

2. A stock pot. Just to own a stock pot. Really... I'd feel like Ina Garten. I'd find some use for it!

3. A nail gun and a table saw. Yes; and I'm even going to see if I can find ones that are pink. Just to annoy my husband. Well, maybe I won't go that far...

4. Chalkboard paint. Really seems to have a lot of neat uses... I like this idea I found to use a piece of tin found at like Hobby Lobby or Ben Franklin to turn into a rustic looking menu for the kitchen. Menu Board

I'm just stuck on the idea of a sewing machine. How neat to be able to make pillowcase dresses or twirly skirts for the girls? Or hey, this looks neat too:
Now how sweet would my little angel boys look in this? (Pattern from makeitandloveit on Etsy)

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